Born in Switzerland, raised in Lima Peru with his family in a latin and japanese culture (Nikkei Perūjin)

1984 - Moves to Switzerland.

1994 - Moves to Basel, Switzerland.
Starts photographic work. Black and white analog photography. 

2000 - Moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

2001 - Moves to Zurich, Switzerland.
Shoots for agencies, commercials and artists.  

2015 - Moves to Lenzburg, Switzerland.
Currently base in Lenzburg.


Traveling. Japanes-, peruvian- and Italian food. Akira Kurosawa, Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch movies.


The Knife, La Roux, Tiefschwarz, Coldplay, Goldfrapp, The Presets, Bob Marley, Tiga, Moderat, Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine, Dead can Dance.


Deutsch, English, Español



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